Card Design| Chalkboard Arts

I know I’ve been neglecting you for a little bit.
I have been designing cards for my shop so much and didn’t really have time to share them on here.

Not gonna make more excuses for not blogging, and so here I am.

Today I just want to share the chalkboard card designs that I have made for my shop so far.

This one is my favourite. I think I like that it’s a bit punny, and love love love those heart bulbs!

This one is for couples in long distance relationship. I realize there aren’t many cards for such couples and so I have been designing some. If you didn’t know, me and my fiancé have been in long distance relationship for 5 years now and counting. So it’s a lot of fun to design for other couples that are in the same situation and I get to hear all sorts of story when they buy cards from me.

That’s a quote from Gandhi. Isn’t it so true?

This is one of my first chalkboard card. I just love those little stars. They were such a pain to design with, but I’m so happy with the result!

I have more to share with you, but I haven’t taken photos, so I guess may be next time then!

It’s weekends and I didn’t even realize it till Mitch told me. I hope you’re having a great one!


Food| My First Chocolate Scones!

I’ve never had chocolate scones before – until today.
It’s such a cold cold day in Adelaide and so I thought I’ll do some baking and warm up the house a bit.

For our 5 years anniversary, one of the things I got for Mitch was recipe books.
One of the books is called “Simple and Delicious Chocolate”.
I can’t seem to find it anywhere on the Internet, but if you are in Australia, you can get it from KMart.
There are so many recipes in the book and they call for pretty simple ingredients.

IMG_3595 copy

I’m no good at baking, so they don’t exactly look pretty.

IMG_3593 copy

They taste so delicious thou! But then again, anything with chocolate chips in it would be delicious.
I’m not sure if they taste like scones, since I don’t know how scones taste like. So I’m waiting for Mitch to come home and be the judge.

I have a feeling I’ll be baking more with this weather. I’ve already picked what I’ll bake next! (:

Have a great weekends!


Wedding| The Shoes!

We’ve just bought our wedding shoes! I won’t say much about it, but I’ll let the pictures do the talking.


Aren’t they just the cutest or what?! I’m in love :D
And I think I’m going to write the wedding date and may be put  a few Swarovski crystals on them, like on the baby pink ones.

Not to mention David Tennant totally pull them off with suits in Doctor Who.

P.S: If you click on the pictures, it will take you to the original websites where I got the photos from!


Shutterbug| Adelaide Botanic Garden

Last Monday was Queen’s Birthday, which is a public holiday in Australia.
Public holiday here is kind of a bummer, since most of the places don’t open.

We decided to go to Adelaide Botanic Garden although we’ve been there for so many times now.
But it’s beautiful and it’s different every visit, so you don’t really get bored of it.

This time, autumn just ended, so there are still left-over autumn colours.
I especially love this little building with all those creepers climbing all over.

IMG_3582 small

And right next to it is a wetland with the stepping stones placed across it. Last summer, there was water all over, but now it’s filled with plants.

IMG_3552 copy

And after that, there is a massive rose garden. A perfect place for wedding ceremony, if only it weren’t so costly and the time allowance weren’t so short. If you love rose, you would go crazy. And it seems like they are blooming all year round. The climbing roses are still growing, so I think it will look even more gorgeous next year.

IMG_3580 small IMG_3556 copy

And the rose garden has crazy birds. They are so tame too and very playful.


And here’s the bird that Mitch likes best. He looks rather curious.


And they have a greenhouse for water-lilies and I absolutely  love that place.

IMG_3540 copy

As I was taking all those photos, I found Mitch waiting for this xD

IMG_3557 copy

Which funnily enough, reminds me of this Lilo’s picture…I couldn’t stop laughing.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photos and I’m hoping I’m getting better with it as I practise more.


Wedding|So I finally bought my wedding dress and….

…I am acting like Rapunzel!


Worse, it was 3 am and I couldn’t get back to sleep for like 2 whole hours. Bridezilla at its best, haha!
I wonder if every bride goes through this or I am just crazy.

And I am still in denial.


About the dress, it is a design from Paloma Blanca, and both me and Mitch think it is just gorgeous. But…there are about a million gorgeous dresses out there too and I only get to pick ONE? That’s really unfair, isn’t it?

I will be getting it in about 3 weeks time, and I’m going to try my hardest not to think about it, not to browse wedding section on Pinterest and well, not to look at any dress that’s white….ivory or champagne.


Wedding planning has been coming along alright. One more thing down, just about a hundred more to go! Hear the sarcasm?
Maybe I really should do a check-list or maybe we should just elope. Just kidding. :D

We’re going on wedding shoes shopping on Thursday, and I am super excited! No, they won’t be HEELS. They are much cuter and you would never guess it! ;)
I’ll write more about it after buying them!


Design|Coffee Mug Stained Business Card

It is a terribly cold morning in Adelaide and I’m just keeping myself busy so that I don’t end up curling up under the quilt again.
In my best effort to share the designs that I’ve made for my shop here, I’m going to share this coffee stained business card today!

Coffe Stain Coffe Stain1

There you go!
And yes, that’s my fiancé’s name and website, but not the actual emails and numbers.
The inspiration for this card comes from  our love for coffee, of course. And also from how writers stay up late with their scripts, relying on coffee to stay awake. So I imagine their scripts to be sometimes covered in coffee mug stains. Same goes for their business cards!

Click on the images, if you’d like to check out my shop listing! Thank you!


Design|Business Card for me!

I’ve finally gotten around to making a business card for my Etsy shop, PaperBoundLove.
I have been thinking about it since I started the shop in January, but I never felt like the design was quite right.
For the front, I wanted it to me just a simple design with almost all the focus on my shop’s name.
Since I need to make sure people know how to find my shop online, I had to add “” as well, which was a little tricky.

Picking the two colours was no-brainer, since I’ve been in love with teal/turquoise and deep red is just a perfect colour to go with it.

Here is the final design.

IMG_3526 copy

For the back, I wanted it to be a little shocking and attention-grabbing, so I went for teal blue background with lots of little hearts.

IMG_3525 copy

And…just one more photo!

IMG_3529 copy

I have been having fun designing business cards, so you’ll be seeing more on here for sure!

They will be posted on my shop as well, so go check it out! (:
Thank you xx